Day Care or Day Centres are professional establishments that provide a safe and supervised space for adults and older people with physical and/or mental disabilities. For those who require more independence, we like to refer to our service as companion care or days out for adults.


Please note: if you are looking for professional respite services, we also offer this at two of our other establishments.

Who Uses Our Day Care Service?

People who are living with physical disabilities can struggle to get out into the community as a result of lack of accessible facilities or through fear of injury. Our adult day care service provides an opportunity for people to get out of the house and take part in fun social activities.

Those who have mental disabilities can also struggle to feel comfortable and safe in public spaces. Our day care centre for adults allows them to interact with other people and to spend time in different environments.

Advantages of Using a Day Care Service for Adults

  • Provides a safe space outside the home
  • Opportunity to make friends
  • Chance to speak to others in similar situations
  • Fun activities to take part in
  • Become a member of a community
  • Gives full time carers a break
  • Allows relatives peace of mind

Companion Care

All of our staff are fully trained to deal with various health issues both physical and mental. We have many members of our day service who only come once a week. We like to refer to this as companion care as our service has provided them with a gateway into an understanding community and has formed many friendships with staff and other attendees.

Days Out for Adults

We organise various trips throughout the year local attractions and fun experiences that the group can attend as a team. By attending as part of an organised group we can make special arrangements in advance so that all access issues are addressed and resolved for our booked date. Days Out for Adults allows many members of our community to attend venues that they otherwise may not have felt comfortable attending alone or with a smaller group.

Day Care Facilities

General Facilities

At Attleborough House we have an extensive range of facilities that are open to our community. We have a lounge which has television, WiFi and plenty of comfortable chairs and sofas. There is also the quiet room which has a choice of books and magazines. The dining area is strictly for eating. We do offer a lunch service but this must be pre-arranged the day before attendance. Other than that we encourage guests to bring their own lunches and snacks.

Specialised Facilities

Flasma System

The Flasma System is cutting edge immersive technology with 33 different programmes to choose from. The user can control and interact with moving images and explore their own creativity and imagination. Sound can also be incorporated to create a multisensory experience. With nothing tangible to touch, this system is safe and is a non-contact resource for a user with limited mobility.

Examples of programmes include:

  • Musical instruments
  • Ball games
  • Seasonal scenes
  • Numerical equations
  • Jigsaw
  • Fish pond