Recycling In Our Society

Recycling in our society is crucial in order to ensure that we can all continue to live in a society that contributes to ensuring that our environment is protected from waste and long term damage. Therefore we all need to take some responsibility for the waste that we are producing each and every day.


Thankfully , in recent years recycling has seen an increase in demand as well as positive action to help drive change across the UK. This has come about for a variety of different reasons. There has been increased coverage in the UK media about environmental issues as well as pushes from local governments as well as councils to encourage citizens to recycle their waste in order to help the local environment.


One of the steps that has been taken is media campaigns. Media campaigns have been utilised to great effect in order to encourage people to improve their actions. However , we firmly believe that more needs to be done in order to help the fight for recycling which is why we founded Pakstrust.

We identified that there was a serious shortcoming in the amount of fully recyclable packaging available for a variety of different types of foods. This shortage is down to a lack of sustainable and affordable manufacturing options for smaller grassroots companies.


We intend to fill that gap with our brilliant products and services. We offer support and advice to smaller businesses that are looking to get involved with recycling and would like to test some of our packaging. We have received a considerable amount of support from a variety of different Eco groups as well as government schemes in order to boost the number of businesses across the UK using sustainable food packaging for their goods and services.


Our plan is to continue the fight against unneeded excess waste and to ensure that where possible sustainable packaging can be produced and manufactured in order to be used in day to day operations

Save Your Planet, Save Your community

Focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.