The Future For Sustainable Food Packaging

The future for sustainable packaging is looking bright! One of the main reasons why we are optimistic about the future for food packaging is thanks to people’s awareness about environmental issues. Increasingly across media channels and online , the issues caused by climate change as well as pollution are regularly being highlighted to the world’s population.


Therefore , as a result of this more and more of us are paying more attention to what we throw out and what we choose to recycle. Sustainable food packaging is amongst one of the most important pieces of packaging available as massive amounts of food are consumed everyday across the UK.

Packaging Usage

Its important that the packaging used to store this food is recycled as much as possible in order to ensure that the materials used can remain sustainable. Disposable plastics as well as other forms of waste are becoming far too common within the UK. In order to try and reduce the impact of these plastics and other materials it is crucial that a sustainable solution is found to soften the impact on the environment.


Pak’s trust is one of the few sustainable packaging companies in the UK at the moment with long term ambitions to provide sustainable packaging across the country and to champion recycling as well as sustainable packing usage.

Future Changes

In the near future , we are hoping that there will be a number of significant changes that will help to transform the ways in which food packaging is considered and recycled. One of the main ways through which future change could be instigated is through new laws being introduced by government.


New laws being introduced by government would be a key way through which significant changes could be brought about in terms of sustainable packaging. At the moment , there are a limited number of food production companies or food retailers that are using sustainable packaging. It is of great importance that more companies to choose to use sustainable methods in order to recycle their packaging.


One of the most significant changes that has been seen in recent years has been the use of paper straws instead of plastic straws. One of the main reasons why huge number of businesses across the food sector decided to switch from plastic to paper straws was thanks to peer pressure and social media campaigns. A number of high profile campaigns highlighted the damaging effect of plastic straws on wildlife as well as the environment.

How Much Will Change In The Near Future?

At the moment , it is hard to say or judge how much things are likely to change in the near future. However , with climate change on the rise and increasing awareness being raised by eco-pressure groups , it is highly likely that more recycling campaigns will come into effect.


We hope that many businesses and individuals across the UK continue to support us in our struggle to provide sustainable packaging across the entire food and drink industry in the UK. In addition to this we ensure that a chunk of our sales go towards funding other vital sustainability and Eco projects across the world.

Save Your Planet, Save Your community

Focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.